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Welcome to Top Niche PLR! If you’re looking to buy PLR articles, we’re very glad you found us — and we think you’ll be pleased! This is a new site but we’ll be growing quickly with new PLR packs added regularly. Here you can buy PLR articles in 6-packs — penned by educated writing professionals with English as a first language.

Buy PLR Articles GraphicAs online marketers, we’ve sometimes used PLR articles to help develop new content. When looking to buy PLR articles, we were shocked to find that a tremendous amount of it was very poor in quality. Too often it was easy to tell that the PLR was written by someone who did not speak English as a native language. Or the writing was simply awful — sadly, not all native English speakers write well! When you buy PLR articles, you don’t need frustration — and you certainly don’t need to be throwing your money down the drain!

At Top Niche PLR you’ll never have this problem. We are a team of college educated, professional writers who understand the English language and know how to write! (Meet our PLR authors.) We are serious about what we do — and we take pride in how we do it.

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Each article pack is written by one of our writers and then passed by a second professional before it ever goes live on our site. We want to make sure that every article you receive is of the quality you expect. Our goal is to have those who buy PLR articles from us be so pleased that they will come back for more.

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